Corporate Resource Center

Corporate Resource Centre
The corporate resource center or the Placement Cell plays a vital role in bringing the industry and academia close to each other by providing Career Counseling, need based education and organization support. It has the task to organize campus interviews for student placement and training and also organizes corporate guest lectures and industry interaction.

CRC acts as an interface between the students, faculty and the corporate world to initiate continuous interaction with the industry , sharing industry experiences, and understanding the needs of the corporate world. CRC has been regularly inviting heads of leading Companies to the campus, who share their insights into the latest issues concerning the economy to stimulate and enhance the intellectual climate at ATMS

Pre – Placement Talk:

  • The PPT offers the corporate world an opportunity to interact with the students and to know their prospective recruits better, both for the summer and final placements.
  • Organizations make a presentation which is vital in providing the students with the information about the organization and career prospects in which typical students' concerns like job description, selection criteria, industry culture, remuneration package, scope for growth, cross functional exposure are answered.

Summer Internship Programme:

  • Summer Internship constitutes an integral part of the Polytechnic, B.ed curriculum and is valued for its relevance in technical and teaching education.
  • Summer Internship is positioned between the first and second year and final year Polytechnic and B.ed Program
  • The students are placed in different organizations for a period of about 8-10 weeks on a specific assignment with their preferred areas of specialization.
  • It provides the students an opportunity to test the practical concepts learnt in the Industry also helps students to explore linkages amongst different functions and develop a realistic Technical & managerial perspective about organizations in their reality.
  • As a part of the assignment, students are required to submit a report. The presentation made by the students to the organization and the faculty forms the basis for the evaluation of the project work.

Final Placement Process:

  • Placement process commence from the month of Feburary every year.
  • The Industry has sought and utilized the intellectual capital of ATMS by participating in the final placement process.

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